Brittany Beck | February 24, 2021

We all have come to realize the struggles of working from home. From wifi dead zones to poor lighting on Zoom calls, this list goes on.

Here at Brandito, our team is almost a year into this whole “WFH” setup, and we’ve had the chance to test out some of the latest swag items that are sure to amp up your new workspace.

Here are 4 of our favorite tech items to make your work from home life a bit easier.

#1 Wifi Extender

Does anyone else have a room in their house that’s an absolute dead zone? Having a secure Wifi signal is a key component to being productive. Luckily, the Wave Wifi Extender extends the WiFi range of an existing router so you can feel at ease with a reliable and secure WiFi connection while working from home.

#2 Ring Light

Good lighting is essential! With 3 light settings, the Online Meeting Ring Light provides the perfect lighting for Zoom meetings, photos & videos. It can even clip on your phone so you never have to worry about bad lighting again!

#3 Bluetooth Headphones

Airpods are great but have you ever been on a call and one of them falls out? Well, with the Power stick Power Buds, worry no more! With a flexible ear hook and 9 hours of talk time, these Bluetooth headphones are guaranteed to get you through your 9-5 workday.

#4 Wireless Charging Desk Organizer

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered workspace, especially when it involves an endless stream of cords. Thanks to Gemline’s Wireless Charging Desk Organizer, you can kiss cord clutter goodbye and say hello to a clean and clear workspace to help conquer your day!

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