Our Services

Turn your clients and employees into brand ambassadors when you hand out promo items they actually love, or create a fully customized store for your brand with a curated selection of merchandise. No matter what you need, BRANDITO can help.

BRANDITO Branded Water bottle, Website, and Shipping box

Brand It

The BRANDITO team works with you to conceptualize and source new product ideas that really showcase your business. Promotional products don’t just have to be t-shirts and pens, so let us help you find products that showcase you and your team.

Branded Creativity

We’re not just following trends; we’re setting them. Our team is dedicated to introducing new, creative, and impactful ways to help your business stand out.

Unique Products

At BRANDITO, our goal is to deliver products that exceed expectations. Your brand is more than just your logo, so we look for products that will help elevate who you are.

Products That Give Back

We focus on products with a purpose, and have cultivated relationships with minority-owned businesses, sustainable enterprises, and organizations with a strong focus on giving back.

Kit It

Create an unforgettable branding experience with BRANDITO’s unparalleled co-packing and fulfillment services. Elevate your SWAG game by incorporating custom packaging, tailored messaging, and more. Let us infuse your promotional items with creativity and purpose, creating an immersive journey that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impact every time! 


Do more than tell your employees you appreciate their service. Recognize them for a job well done with a wide selection of classic gifts (branded or unbranded) that show how much you care. Definitely a great way to keep the team motivated.


It doesn’t matter what you need, we’ve got the brands you want in a selection of styles that will have your employees looking good and feeling good. So good actually, you’ll even see them around town repping your brand.


The right promotional products keep your clients and employees engaged. Whether it’s a grand giveaway or deluxe onboarding gift, we’ve got an endless array of signature products just waiting to be personalized for your brand.

Store It

Say goodbye to the pile of SWAG you’ve been hoarding in your office – and hello to BRANDITO’s Program Business offerings. Gone are the days of messy spread sheets and rush orders for event SWAG. With BRANDITO, we can tailor a program to your company’s specific needs & execute in the background, while you get back to the parts of your job you actually love.


Sell your goods to the general public or internally to employees through a turnkey e-commerce website tailored to your brand. Our digital experts work closely with you on everything from product selection and marketing strategy to store design.


A pop-up shop is a high-impact tool that provides branded items to employees and customers at a low cost. Perfect if you’re not ready for a full company store, yet still wanting to offer exclusive items on a short-term basis.


Our redemption portal is a type of e-commerce site where recipients enter a code to choose their gift instead of having to make a payment. This is an ideal resource for gifting to employees, customers and prospects.

Ship It

BRANDITO boasts an impressive 45,000+ square feet of warehousing space exclusively for our clients. Everything is meticulously managed by our team, meaning products are under our care every step of the way, ensuring precision, security, and a seamless experience from storage, fulfillment, to delivery.


With 45,000+ square feet of climate controlled storage, BRANDITO can make getting your brand into the hands of your clients and employees quick and easy.

Inventory Management

BRANDITO's inventory management system is perfect for keeping track of your brands merchandise. It provides live inventory updates and tracking which helps alleviate stress for you and your brand.

Global Distribution

BRANDITO manages the complete execution and fulfillment of your project through a global distribution network that works on your schedule.