Triple Crown Initiative Winners 2024

Congratulations to Our Winners

It is with great excitement that we introduce the winners of our first annual Triple Crown Award! We are proud to honor three outstanding non-profit organizations for their exceptional service and dedication to positive change.

All three of these organizations have shown outstanding commitment to our community and we are proud to support their continued efforts! The Triple Crown Award is not just a symbol of our commitment to giving but a reflection of our dedication to expanding our impact within the community. Through this initiative, we aim to amplify our core values and contribute to the broader mission of creating positive change.

Please join us in congratulating Jacob’s Chance, Tablespoons Bakery, and Girls For A Change for their remarkable achievements and tireless dedication to our community.¬†

Together, we can continue to make a difference!

AWARD Winners

Gold Crown

Jacob’s Chance

$15,000 Grant + $2,000 in Promotional Merchandise Credits

Silver Crown

Tablespoons Bakery

$8,000 Grant + $2,000 in Promotional Merchandise Credits

Bronze Crown

Girls For A Change

$4,000 in Promotional Merchandise Credits